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Rolex "Matte double red MKIII Dial" Zifferblatt für Sea-Dweller 1665

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So this one is definitely something special to us…. Maybe not only to us 😏

We do sell a wide variety of watches and parts - from 500€+ products up to the crème de la crème stuff…. 

This one surely belongs to the second mentioned group. 

An outstanding and barn find - sourced for one of our best customers from the eastern part of the world: 

A breathtaking example of a "Double Red" Sea-Dweller dial for Ref. 1665 MKIII version. Its overall condition, the perfectly preserved and evenly patinated lume dots, the font, the red color - everything is just marvelous and in beautiful condition. 

We do come across many exceptional watches and parts due to our passion and profession - however you don’t find such gems on a daily basis – unfortunately. 

The dark, even & strong patina of the tritium paired with its overall condition made us a little speechless when first seeing this dial.

But enough of the talking - let the pictures speak for theirselves. 

Ps: of course we sourced matching hands for our client too - which was honestly harder then we have thought in the beginning - but nothing is impossible.

In case you are craving anything - no matter if its a rather special request or anything else - hit us up! We are always happy to help d

Have a great Monday everyone and stay safe! ✨

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