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Audemars Piguet

Audemars Piguet Vintage wristwatch 18 kt gold ref. AC 4237 / 528 CA Fullset

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Something pretty rare and pretty special for this Friday.

Not your average men’s watch. But back in the days it truly was. A safe queen from 1990. An absolutely elegant Audemars Piguet ref.: AC 4237 / 528 CA in white gold/yellow gold Dress watch in superb condition. It has seen daylight for only a few times until it was put back into the safe for many years. Despite the perfect
condition and the fact, that the watch runs perfectly as it would be the 23rd of march 1990 (delivery date), the documentation and paperwork of
This beauty is simply breath taking for a vintage guy like me. Not only the original receipt plus original stamped and signed guarantee papers from GERMANY(!!) but as well all all German customs papers are included in this full-full set!! It won’t get better.

If you are searching for an elegant vintage beauty, not necessarily only for man but also for women, this might be your lucky punch. If you love vintage, you will understand my fascination about the amazing paperwork accompanied by this full gold watch from 1990.