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Rolex "Grey Ghost Dial" for Day-Date 36 mm 1803/9 | 1803/6 | 1802 (Zinc Sulfide Tritium) including Hands.

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A Rolex Ghost Dial refers to a rare type of dial where the printing ink is almost invisible, often in a subtle gray tone. This creates a so-called "ghost" effect, where the markings are only faintly visible under certain lighting conditions. The dial presented here is exactly such a Rolex Ghost Dial in an elegant gray shade, exuding a restrained sophistication for the Day-Date 36 mm models.

Experience the rarity and subtlety of a gray dial, exclusively available for the Day-Date 36 mm models in white gold and platinum (1803, 1803/9, 1803/6, 1802). The subtle elegance of the dial, equipped with the correct early Zinc Sulfide - Tritium luminous material, is accentuated by its excellent preservation, adding a touch of timeless class to your Rolex watch. A feature that makes your watch a discreet expression of rarity, appealing to lovers of fine details.

On top of that, it comes with matching hands in perfect condition.