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Rolex MOP Diamond Dial for Day-Date 36mm 18039 | 18239 | 118239 | 18279 | 18206 | 118206 Blister

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Beautiful and extremely rare Rolex "Tahitian Mother of Pearls (MOP) Diamond Dial" diamond dial for day-date in 36mm 118039 | 18239 | 118239 | 18279 | 18206 | 118206 and other 36 mm platinum models in absolute new condition - still in the original packaging - including a brand new matching "No Lume" pointer set without bulbs. The blister was only slightly opened on the back by the concessionaire in order to be able to store the hands in the blister. The dial lies untouched and still sealed between the two transparent films.

Incredibly beautiful and strong alternating colors in different light. In the evening / with little light it looks dark, in the strong incidence of light you can see all the colors of the rainbow. Insanely beautiful and fascinating leaf.