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Rolex NOS Chocolate index dial for Cosmograph Daytona rose gold 116505(LN) / 116515(LN)

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Who of you likes chocolate?🍫

Yes, me too. And I do especially like it when it comes in form of such little candies here.

Not the regular/old chocolate dial for the rose gold Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116505 / 116515 but the brand new chocolate dial from 2020. Super hard to find✨

I don’t wanna talk about the fact, that this one here is pretty rare.
Much rather about the simple beauty of its colour. I never liked the earlier version chocolate dials. The brown seemed less powerful and it always kinda made the watch look „dead“.

With this little gem here, your watch will look as it should 🤎

Just google the reference and compare old and new dials. You will definitely see what I mean.